Lenten Rose with Texture

Lenten Rose in Black & White with Texture

Lenten Rose in Black & White with Texture

Our Lenten Rose are finishing up, but this one caught my eye. Most of these flowers are bashful and keep their heads down, but this one was looking toward the heavens, creating a sexy little curve with the stem. The texture comes from a stucco wall that I photographed a few years ago. Once the flower image was opened in Photoshop, the wall image was layered on top and the blend mode changed to ‘Linear Burn’. Adjusting the opacity of the ‘texture’ layer finished the job. I’m always interested in how others apply textures, so feel free to share your techniques.

4 thoughts on “Lenten Rose with Texture

  1. I like the blend here and the texturing. I have used linear burn, multiply, overlay, soft light, and screen, depending on what I want it to do. I suspect there are people who actually remember how each mode affects the lights and darks, but at this point, my choices are made by trying each mode to see what happens. By the way, I just checked the 1X site…there is beautiful and inspiring work posted there. I had not known about it.

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