Solomon Seal

Solomon's Seal

Solomon's Seal

At least, I think that’s what it is. I’m experimenting with NiK Silver Efex Pro for black & white conversions and it seems to be a pretty robust converter. If any of you have used it, I’d appreciate some feedback on it. As for the plant, it’s a thing of beauty and I’ll be shooting more in the next few days.

5 thoughts on “Solomon Seal

  1. Well Larry, those 2 pictures are really of utter beauty. Tis rich mono + your talented sense of composition delivers a very appealing picture. A Fine Art Photograph my dear for a Fine Art Photographer. Exceptional. I work with Nik suite as well. Useful.

    I answer you on my blog about the title of my photo of the day. šŸ˜‰

  2. this is gorgeous & you used the nik plugin in a delicate way. i used it very often in the past on my b/w photos & still like its simple handling and great effects with a wide range of individual options. i am curious what comes next. thanks for still watching my pics on aminus3. i am still in dubai, just back from a 2 days trip to oman. what a beautiful country …

  3. Yes, looks like Solomon’s seal to me, too. The monotone is very lovely and, somehow, calming. I like how you mephsized the edges with lighter tone.

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