Phloxy Lady II

Closeup of Phlox

Closeup of Phlox

I love to get down to chipmunk level to photograph flowers, but I’m not particularly fond of lying on my stomach. In my film days I shot with medium format cameras equipped with either waist level or prism finders which allowed the photographer to look down into the camera. This made for an extremely comfortable and stable shooting position, especially for shots like this. It took me 10 years of shooting with an SLR to realize that a right-angle finder might be nice (I’m a notoriously slow learner at times).  So, I got one a few weeks ago and have rarely taken it off of the camera since. It’s also great for  interiors as well, making it easier to shoot from a lower vantage point … one much more pleasing than standing eye level. They aren’t cheap (A few hundred dollars), but I’ve found it invaluable.

4 thoughts on “Phloxy Lady II

  1. I’ve wondered about one of those right-angle viewfinders. As I get older and my body objects more to bending, I may give in and fork over the money. For now, I recently purchased a lightweight tarp to lie on. Makes all the difference.

    • Until now, my gear included a small tarp as well. 🙂 One word of caution with the finder … I find it difficult to use with glasses. That said, taking them off is a small price to pay for the added convenience. Hope to see you at the Immaculata reception.


  2. Beautiful focus as usual,and lovely tones!
    Your site looks great Larry,didn’t expect it otherwise 🙂 Be back to explore the whole soon!

  3. This is lovely, delicate and a perfect eye-view of a chipmunk. ;)) I am with you and Anita regarding the need for some sort of accommodation other than tarps. I have used one, and that is fine, but placing oneself across, say, a public pathway somehow seems a bit unsafe.

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