Please don’t leave

Droplet on hosta leaf

Droplet on hosta leaf

I’m always amazed at how long droplets hang on the tip of leaves. Like friends standing at the front door, not wanting to say goodbye.

9 thoughts on “Please don’t leave

  1. Love your title Larry. So clever, suits so well this clever/brilliant POV and DOF. You really have an artistic feel and talent for flowers !

  2. i not only love this picture very much but also the comparison with a friend that doesn’t want to leave. that’s what it is exactly. the curve of the leaf is extraordinary excellent, both sharp like steel and fragile like a breath. wonderful. larry, i miss you at aminus3. did i say that before? 🙂

  3. I love this one, too. I think it has all been said above–title, composition, hint of which plant, and the symbolism. You have inspired me to look for such minimalism, but I definitely need more practice. 🙂

  4. This is beautiful. I love how you have isolated out that one detail. The way it’s composed is terrific at focusing our attention.

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