Where do they all come from?

Store mannequins

Store mannequins

What store mannequins talk about as they gaze out onto the parking lot.

2 thoughts on “Where do they all come from?

  1. Excellent image, and perfect, funny interpretive comment! Miksang is a mystery to me. Because of your images, I have been reading about it. At our best, we are fully present in moment, but there seems to be more to this. But there seems to be more to it, and it requires some practice. What I see in your images is a focused quietness. Very hard to explain and not sure if I am simply creating my own idea of it.

  2. Thanks, Karla. I’m new to miksang, but my take on it is that it goes to seeing beyond our perceptions. Instead of seeing things that we’ve given name to, such as ‘buildings’, ‘fire hydrants’, or anything else we encounter every day, the photographer seeks to look beyond those labels and see only geometry, color, texture, and composition. Our preconceptions and labels so often get in the way of seeing the beauty all around us.

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