What a place to retire!

Retirement Cottages

Retirement Cottages

Just got back from a whirlwind three days in North Carolina shooting for one of our favorite architectural clients, RLPS. Their focus is on Senior Living with projects all over the Northeast and into the South. These communities are fantastic and it’s a pleasure to be able to contribute to their marketing materials. This is a cluster of two one-bedroom units at the far end and flanked on each side by a two-bedroom unit.

Shooting on jobs like this is fairly intense. 8 hour drive down, shooting for 7 hours, sleep for about 5 hours, shoot again at 5am for 3 hours, then drive 3 hours to a second site. Here we shot for another 8 hours, got a good nights sleep and left the following morning for the 10 hour drive home. Oh yeah, there were a few breaks to eat something. Intense, but Marcia and I work so well together, have a great assistant (Fred), and we’re good friends with the marketing director who always accompanies us on shoots and is excellent at staging.

This shot is comprised of about 10 differently lit images (Yeah Speedlights!). All of the elements were there, including the sky,  just shot in different segments. Will post a few more as I get them processed.

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