Meet Henry

Honda CRV

Honda CRV

We name everything around here. This is Henry … Henry Honda (Marcia coined the name in honor of Henry Fonda). Henry has been with us for more than eight years and is reliable, frugal, and loves the snow. The picture was done to practice my flash painting skills. Each reflection and highlight comes from a separate image so keeping track of which areas have been lit is one of the biggest challenges. After the shot is completed and camera moved, there’s no going back to recover an area that was missed, like the left rear tire.

One thought on “Meet Henry

  1. Patience is definitely one of your virtues. We, too, have a CRV,, which we’ve had for 14 years. It is my car, and I love it! My son used to name our cars, and this one is called “Servie” — (read it phonetically) –sort of a running together of the CRV name. 🙂

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