Rain Rain Rain

This from a shoot at a local Retirement Community. It was one of the primary shots and we went to great lengths to assure that all of the lights would be on at dawn and checked the weather to be sure of no chance of rain. Ask me how that worked.

Patio with fire pit

Patio with fire pit

Well, the lights were computerized and unfortunately those above the red awning weren’t lit. Being key to the shot, a 5am call was made to a technician who came in to wake them up. First problem solved. Then, about an hour before we planned to start setting up for the shot … you guessed it … rain. Not a lot, but we didn’t want wet pavement for the shot. Nor did I want my camera, laptop, or lighting equipment sprinkled upon. But, the photo gods blessed us by chasing the rain away soon enough for the deck to dry (with the help of everyone fanning their jackets) and allowing just enough time to stage and complete my lighting dance. Many thanks to Nicole and Kaytlin from Benchmark and of course, Marcia. This and seven other shots wouldn’t have been possible without their hard work. Tech notes: Interior lights, those over the awning, and a few small lights on the stone columns are existing. And the fire is real. All other lighting came from my single flash on a pole which allowed me to quickly move from one spot to the next . I lit about 15 different segments which were then combined in PS.

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