Blessed by the SRG’s

They would be the Sunrise Gods.



Received a call from a new client on Wednesday who needed an image that would illustrate ‘A new sunrise on the horizon’. And she needed it by Tuesday. We scouted the site Thursday, chose an angle that would work the sunrise, and planned to shoot it the following morning. I knew it would be clear, so we were good there. But, the shot also needed two other critical elements. First, some clouds … not too many, but enough to add that etherial quality that the client wanted. Second, it had to be calm so I could do my flash-painting. In the end, the SRG’s shown down upon us offering beautiful skies, calm conditions, and a real sun that showed up at just the right place. A special thanks to Beth, at Masterpiece Marketing, who didn’t mind getting up way before dawn to make things happen … and was a complete pleasure to work with. And to Marcia … always there, willing to do what’s necessary to oil the machine. We’re expecting around 6 inches of snow, so I’m glad this one is on my hard drive.

One thought on “Blessed by the SRG’s

  1. I’m a huge fan of your work, and I’m really happy to see you’re posting here.
    I read with very much interest your light-painting (or flash-painting) method and I have to say it’s probably the most interesting tutorial that I ever read. It certainly requires a true artist to do something like that…
    I will definitely check your page often to keep updated with your new posts.
    This image here, it’s perfection! wow….stunning result. My most favorite part is the the foreground with the bench shadow on the grass. I think it’s the most attractive thing out of the unlimited list of attractive things in this image.

    Sincere greetings…

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