Mill Office (Option 2)

As I said … there are a multitude of options with light-painting. This is very true to the scene that yesterday’s post was created from.

Mill office

Mill office

Completely different feel from yesterday’s processing. Not a matter of one better than the other. Just a different mood.

2 thoughts on “Mill Office (Option 2)

  1. So…I suppose up to a point, at the discretion of the photographer, one could request certain things in an image? šŸ˜‰ Both of these are nice for different reasons, in my mind. I like the previous one for the cozy atmosphere, and the hanging light. But I would prefer less strength in what seems to be down-lighting from the ceiling. This image I like because the overall feel is daytime, the space seemingly well lit from windows, with shadow area objects and colors pleasantly visible and very natural looking. However, the hanging light is not lit and I would like it to be. Seems one could spend days on the variations! At any rate, good work on both, Larry!

    • Thanks for your observations, Karla. I prefer the previous shot as well, but as you said, both simply have different qualities. I also appreciate your appreciation of the quality and direction of light. With any supplementary lighting, there’s usually a need for compromise between the authenticity of the added light and a quality that’s flattering to the subject. In the case of the existing lightbulb (the only practical light in the photo), I felt the need to honor it’s influence even though in real life, it wouldn’t be terribly flattering. So, I tried to keep the sense of light originate from the bulb while softening it’s quality. Were the bulb not there I would have given free rein to the light painting much the way I did in the previous mill machinery. As for having the bulb ‘lit’ in the daytime shot. Yet another difficult choice. I too think it would look better lit, but realism triumphed and I went with practicality. When the room is well lit with daylight … don’t waste electricity. Photography is a constant stream of choices. You’re very observant, Karla. I love when someone takes the time to thoroughly examine my images and then share their thoughts.

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