A camera of a different breed

X-Ray machine

X-Ray machine

I don’t know the proper name. To me it’s just another big old camera. One thing about my chosen field, I never know where I’ll be shooting next. One day bundled up in a freezing old flour mill and the next, dressed in a ‘clean suit’ complete with booties and cap, photographing this state of the art thing at LGH. And yes, the equipment was thoroughly cleaned between the two. But what I really love is meeting great people along the way. Folks from Benchmark Construction and  Dardoff Design and Architects were present for the shoot. And of course, Marcia … who I’ve really come to depend on when shooting interiors. Everyone pitching in to make things go smoothly. Thanks also to the hospital staff who facilitated everything. (Someone snapped a picture of me in my little white suit … but you ain’t gonna see it).

4 thoughts on “A camera of a different breed

    • The lights in the ceiling are cooler. There’s a hand-held remote, when the button is pushed, the lights will follow where ever you move your hand. The hanging light wasn’t all that useful. Very pin-point and harsh. All of the lighting and shadows are from my flash. But then, you probably knew that.

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