Grass seedhead

Grass seedhead

Photography is at times a strange art form. I know of no other medium in which the artist boasts of doing nothing. I’ve yet to hear a painter say “I just threw a can of paint at the canvas”.  And yet I often hear photographers proclaim, “This image was not manipulated in any way” (read as … I did nothing except push a button). Hell, some won’t even crop an image!

In all seriousness, I understand the context in which straight photography is practiced and truly respect it. I love miksang photography as a discipline in pure seeing and find that it enriches the rest of my work, as well as my life in general. The joy of photography is that it offers an opportunity to share something pure and clean,  just as we found it, or take a creative approach and use the found subject as a point of departure. I personally love both paths. The image above … I didn’t do a thing except push a button!

[Canon 1Ds III, 90mm T/S (with Canon 500D closeup filter)@ f/4 with maximum side tilt to follow the plane of the seedhead]

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