Gregg’s Trail #1

Moss covered trail at sunset

Moss covered trail at sunset

During our visit to Acadia this time we spent much less time along ‘Loop Road’, the rocky, much photographed coastline and instead explored the trails immediately above where we were staying. Just outside of Northeast Harbor and still in the park, it’s a rarely visited treasure. Fascinating rock formations covered with moss and ferns, all within a 20 minute walk of the house. The next few days I’ll be posting light-painting images for the area. This one a mix of reality and fantasy. The sunset is real, shot it then waited about an hour for the darkness needed to add the light-painting. I christened the trail in honor of our gracious host Gregg Scott.

4 thoughts on “Gregg’s Trail #1

  1. I very much like this image of Acadia. This is what the Maine woods look like, in my experience, and you captured them beautifully. We’ve learned that in Acadia
    all one has to do to get away from people is walk up a trail for about 10 minutes.

    • Thanks, Anita. You’re right on the money about Acadia. Dawn for Loop Road (Sand Beach to Otter Cliff) … only crazy photographers are up at that time. And the rest of the day we look for less traveled trails and there are a ton of them.

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