Things don’t always work out

Toward Bald Porcupine Island, Acadia National Park

Toward Bald Porcupine Island, Acadia National Park

I thought the grass, with the blue water and sky, along with some light painting would make a great image. Checked the charts and high tide would be at 8:30 pm, perfect timing for the shoot. Well … it was high tide, but not quite high enough. The little blue puddle in the middle was supposed to be about 12 feet wide instead of 12 inches. With the effort already invested into getting there and the initial exposures already made before the tide reached it’s peak, I decided to finish the shot off. It’s not bad, but a lot more chaotic than I prefer. Most frustrating was knowing what it could have been with a larger ‘puddle’. And hey … I’m not going to complain about a chance to enjoy a beautiful evening on the coast of Maine. Oh yeah. It was also our first introduction to June bugs. Large, like 1 1/2 to 2″, bettle like things that are of course draw to light. And since the only lights around were my Ice Light and the little headlamps that Marcia and I were wearing …. lets just say that it got even more chaotic until we got out of there. June Bugs! File that away in the old memory bank.

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