Engine #3

Honda Ridgeline engine

Honda Ridgeline engine

2 thoughts on “Engine #3

  1. Ok! You have done three very clean engines. Let me know if you would like a challenge you can do my Element that has 223650 miles of dirt on it. Ha Ha Ha!!! Real Nice Job on the Ridgeline.

    • Thanks Morrie. A quick look at my hands after reassembling things would show how ‘not so clean’ these engines were. I learned some time ago that you can photograph something that’s dirty, you have two choices. Either shoot it as is with all of the dust and grime (Usually my preferred method), or completely detail it. Spot cleaning rarely works and usually destroys any character. 223,000! Guess I’ll be driving mine for another … like 50 years. And that’ll make me like …. 105. Me thinks the Honda is gonna win.

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