Ram Tough

Dodge Ram Pickup

Dodge Ram Pickup

Once again I was honored to work with the guys at First Response Team of America. A fantastic organization always there offering aid to areas hit by natural disasters. Wednesday evening we shot one of the new additions to there fleet, a gorgeous, black Ram pickup. Getting this thing to the location involved driving a mile back a dirt road and in the midst of a dry spell, a very dusty dirt road. Once positioned, the micro-fiber cloths came out and the cleanup began. I wanted the truck as near the horizon as possible to get lots of sky and to be able to see some of that sky beneath the chassis. To do this I had to shoot away from the setting sun and it was questionable whether the sky would have any color at all, but as sometimes happens, shortly after sunset color spread over the entire sky, even to the eastern horizon. Would have liked more dramatic clouds, but at least there’s color. For lighting, not much painting needed on the truck other than the front air dam, wheels and tires, and a little on the interior. The color and brightness of the western sky handled the sheet metal. The only other lighting was to accent the grass and road. Thanks to the team for allowing me to be part of their efforts and to Josh and Tim for helping to pull the shot off.

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