Learning experience

Graffiti on boulders

Graffiti on boulders

Yesterday morning my friend Morrie and I decided to explore a hillside of boulders (these things were massive and covered the whole hillside). Getting there is really pretty easy … if you know what you’re doing. But Dumb and Dumber took the long way home and after bush-wacking for about an hour, finally got there. I spent about 20 minutes doing some flash painting and we hiked out. A pleasant walk that took 15 minutes once we found the trail. Got home and started working on the image only to find that I had left the lenses image stabilizer turned on which completely threw every exposure out of registration. yea! I finished the image off and while it will pass for the web, the image is destine for the trash bin. File this one under ‘Learning experience’.

While I’m certainly not a fan of people defacing the landscape, what the kids have done here is fascinating and however misguided, took a lot of effort. These rocks are enormous and maneuvering around them is no easy feat. The image below might give you some sense of scale. Between each rock was a crevasse from 3 to 15 feet deep.  I’ll definitely be going back … via the 15 minute trail.


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