New RLPS Office

RLPS Office

RLPS Office

A new home for our friends and long time client RLPS Architects. As often happens with new buildings, there is a need for photos before the project is completely finished … and that usually involves the landscaping. Below is how things looked when we pulled up. Thankfully there was a least some sod laid, providing cloning material. I knew there would be an large expanse of drive and parking area so we made sure to have a hose and sprinkler head to wet it down. Reflections are usually more interesting than blacktop. I also brought a push broom along to move the water around for even coverage. The sky is real. It was overcast until just before sunset and then a little bit of clearing on the horizon allowed the sky to light up. Most of the lighting took care of itself by simply shooting when the interior light balanced with the diminishing light outside. I did add some accent lighting to the stone facade with speedlights (Gelled with a full cut of ‘Straw’ to match the warm interiors).


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