Fly Fishing

Walnut Run

Walnut Run

I seldom photograph people (They have a tendency to move), but my good friend Josh (He’s the one holding the pole) thought that it would be fun to do some light-painting of fly fishing. I’m usually up for a challenge so I said yeah … let’s take a shot at it. The location proved to be the most challenging part. Lots of big rocks, nothing remotely flat to walk on, and after shooting the base exposure and the flash elements (That would be the fisherman) at dusk, the remainder of the of the shots were painted in complete darkness with the flashlight. All went well … nobody fell, and the hike out was non-eventful. Thanks Josh for the idea, for modeling, and for helping lug equipment and placing lights. And a special thanks to Morrie (Henceforth known as ‘Lightstand) for also helping to carry equipment and holding lights (People make the best lightstands on rocky terrain).

Josh was lit by two Alien Bee 1600’s (One in a small softbox to camera left on the Morrie-stand and the other placed on a rock, camera right and from the rear). Lighting on the rocks was done primarily with a Tiny Monster LED flashlight.

2 thoughts on “Fly Fishing

  1. Man I like the way that turned out. Nice Job! I have been called a lot of things but never a light stand.. LOL

  2. I think it turned out great! I really like the framing by the rocks. The hard-scaping scenes that nature provides is awesome, plus the soft moving water, and a body with a pulse really work well.

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