Setting Up

Lititz, PA

Lititz, PA

Setting up at dawn for the annual Rotary Craft show.  This thing draws tens of thousands of people and fills the streets of our small town. Fantastic weather this year, a treat for everyone.

This was shot with a Fujifilm x100s. Very small in stature, but boy does it deliver! Handles noise like many of the big DSLR’s, super sharp, and with it’s leaf shutter you can sync flash at up to 1/1000th of a second. Plus, the tiny onboard flash when set to commander mode will trigger my Nikon SB80’s wirelessly. For this image … ISO 1000, f/5.6 at 1/110th of a second. Just out of curiosity I printed it to 14×20 and it blew me away! Not better than my Nikons … but no worse, and that’s saying a lot from a camera that weighs next to nothing and will fit in the palm of your hand. Fair warning: It comes with a coating of super glue. You touch it and there’s no way you can send it back!

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