City Hall, Saranac Lake, NY

City Hall, Saranac Lake, NY

Q: What kind of photographer travels to the beautiful mountains of the Northern Adirondacks and takes pictures of the inside of a building? A: The same kind that eats breakfast during sunrise.

4 thoughts on “Landing

  1. Interesting photo there from an unusual angle. I think that it would be improved by cropping out the top section, so that there is nothing distracting there. See what you think…

    • Thanks for looking and for the comment. I actually prefer not having large areas of white near the edge of an image. Tends to suck the eye right out of the frame. With the nosing the same material as the steps I think it relates nicely. My biggest problem with the image is that it’s not quite symmetrical. Handheld and leaning over a railing, it’s slightly off center. But again, thanks for your observations.

      • We will agree to disagree about the black at the top of the photo then !!

        Have you tried any of the lens correction settings in a photo editing program? You might be able to get those non symmetrical lines correct again.

  2. What kind of photographer goes anywhere and shoots whatever his eye tells him to — there’s beauty inside as well as out!

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