Street Fair I

Ephrata Fair

Ephrata Fair

It’s fair season here in Southeastern Pennsylvania. There are at least half a dozen or so in Lancaster County alone drawing tens of thousands of people. Typical for most country fairs they feature parades, livestock judging, rides or young and old, and of course ‘fried anything under the sun’. Marcia and I spent a few hours at the one in Ephrata last week, mostly watching the kiddie rides, so for the next few days I’ll share some kids just havin’ fun at the fair.

Tech Stuff: All are shot with the Fuji x100s, 1250 iso, around f/2.8 to f4. Marcia was kind enough to hold a monopod with a Nikon SB-80 on it, 3/4 cut of CTO, on manual at 1/4 to 1/2 power, and at a distance of 20 to 40 feet from the subject.

One thought on “Street Fair I

  1. Larry—-always enjoy your images, but thanks also for the “tech stuff”—–a peek into the workings of a talented photographer.

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