Light-painting is all about … well, light. For me the subject is usually of little consequence. I simply love the way light plays off of different shapes and textures, especially metal. For those unfamiliar with the technique, it goes like this. 1) Put the camera on a tripod in a relatively dark environment. 2) Do time exposures in the range of 4 to 30 seconds. 3) During the exposure use a small flashlight (Got mine at Home Depot for about $40) and apply light (The painting part) to the subject. 4) Later in Photoshop combine a series of ‘painted’ segments into one final image. That’s the short tutorial. In practice light-painting involves a good deal of discipline, specific techniques, and a ton of patience, There are, however, few photographic exercises that can provide a better understanding of light and how it interacts with the subject. If interested in the technique be sure to check out the master of the art, Harold Ross at


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