The award goes to …

Ice Fishing

Ice Fishing

Handing out the ‘stupid’ award is always a tough call. I’ve never been fond of the cold, unless I’m sitting by the fire. So the idea of being out on a frozen lake in the pre-dawn, sub-zero temps, and with nothing but lanterns to keep them warm … well that falls into the ‘not for me’ category. On the other hand, my friend Morrie and I did stand there for about an hour waiting for the light to change between these two shots. And the award goes to …

Ice Fishing

Ice Fishing

5 thoughts on “The award goes to …

  1. Fishing and photography have a lot in common. Finding the right spot, the right time of day, preparation, gear, technical skill, patience and more patience. Most important is the desire to get out of bed and do it without promise of an award.

    Nice shots. I’ve met ice fishermen at Muddy Run and French Creek several times and now realize its worth a walk out there to get as close as possible.

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