Cooling Towers

Cooling Towers

Cooling Towers

6 thoughts on “Cooling Towers

  1. I really like that shot. Wonder what a train going by would look like? probably too modern to keep the dramatic feel of the shot. might have to try an infrared shot here if i can find it.

    • Thanks. Train would be a nice touch. Getting one to ‘drive by’ at just the right time during dawn … that’s another thing. On top of that, Morrie and I were right off the road. No sooner had we set up when a worker from the plant happened by, stopped and asked what we were shooting. Told him, the plant, and his response was, ‘If security sees you they’ll ask you to delete the photos and leave’. Managed to get four frames and that was enough. I fully understand the need for heightened security and have no problem with their policy. Point is, unfortunately it’s not the kind of place you can hang out and wait.

  2. So next time you’re there to shoot the train tracks… and waiting for the X o’clock strain to pass. Awesome shot and I really like the billowing steam pushing away from you.

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