Farm Lane

Lancaster County, PA

Lancaster County, PA

2 thoughts on “Farm Lane

  1. Wow this rocks with the tree, the road, the clouds and the fence-really a great shot. Is there actually a road named Farm road and how do you know where the sun will hit? Those sun/moon calculators just confuse me and I don’t have a smartphone. I’m guessing you spend a lot of time exploring and more or less know these areas.

    And yes, I did learn the sun rises in the east.

    • Thanks Mike! As for knowing where the sun will come up, I often use one of the apps you’re talking about. However here I just came across the scene. Doesn’t happen that often, but sometimes you’re at the right place a the right time. Actually, I was too late for another view so went back earlier the next morning to get that shot. It will post Wednesday.

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