Stroud Preserve, Chester County, PA

Stroud Preserve, Chester County, PA

I was in the middle of shooting yesterday’s post, working on blocking the sun to prevent flare (See below), when over my shoulder I heard a ‘herd’ coming around the corner. I quickly changed camera settings to cover the fast moving runners and snapped one frame as they passed. When I got back to the truck there were a few people waiting in cars so I left my card and told them if any of the runners would like, I’d be happy to send them a copy. Haven’t heard anything yet, so if you were running in the Stroud Preserve on the morning of July 16th, the offer still stands.

Blocking sun flare

Blocking sun flare

In the ‘For what it’s worth’ column, shooting directly into the sun can often result in varying amounts of distracting flare. I used to use my thumb to cover the sun for a few frames which could later be used to ‘paste’ a clean area over the flare in processing., but doing so results in a flag that has a soft edge and a gigantic arm blocking too much of the scene. Friend Morrie modified a telescoping handle, placing an alligator clip on the end which holds a small black disk and it works like a charm. It’s very easy to stand in front of the camera, watch the shadow of the disk, and when it covers the lens trip the shutter remotely. One frame while holding it on either side and I come away with flare free images!

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