Chapel Hill Dawn



For most of last year I used nothing but my iPhone for my personal work and became completely enamored by the process. Then in the beginning of 2015  a longing for a ‘real’ camera caused me to set the iPhone aside. But after visiting some of the Mobile Photography websites my ‘Big Boy’ cameras are back on the shelf again. I find the big camera lends itself to a cleaner, more realistic representation of what I’m trying to portray, while iPhoneography provides the opportunity to explore textures, compositing, and complete abstractions. With a traditional photograph I know before I trip the shutter how I want the final image to appear. Mobile Photography allows the image to evolve during processing.

You might wonder, why not shoot both? While that might work for a lot of photographers, it takes me time to settle into, not just an image, but a genre. So for the time being I’ll be giving the Nikons and Fujis a rest and focusing on all things ‘Mobile’… with perhaps a few exceptions for special occasions.

2 thoughts on “Chapel Hill Dawn

  1. You do beautiful work with both. Interesting that you find iPhone better for textures. Do you work on an iPad or on the iPhone when processing your iPhone images?

    • Hi Anita. I process on the iPad. The phone is much too small for my unsteady hands. One of the reasons I decided to keep textures to the Mobile Photography has to do with competitions and online postings. Most are very strict about all work, capture and processing, take place on a mobile device and, at this point anyway, I like the idea of keeping images from my phone distinctly different from my bigger cameras. That may change in the future, as I really like the textured look, but for now I’ll keep them separate.

      Thanks for visiting! Hope you’re enjoying this great summer.

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