Nestled between Stone Mt. and Jacks Mt. in central Pennsylvania lies what locals know as The Big Valley. Big, because as valleys go in the Appalachians, three miles wide is pretty big and being this broad the valley floor is home to some fantastic farmland along with three different sects of Amish. The smallest of these are the Byler Amish and their buggies sport these beautiful yellow tops, here gathered at a local farm for their Sunday church service. So, if you’re near State College, take the Belleville exit (Rt. 655 South) and enjoy some of the most picturesque farmland America has to offer.



6 thoughts on “Yellow-Top

  1. To see your post today is quite amazing in its timing.Just last night I was thinking about going there and was researching where the hot spots might be. I read all about the 3 sects and was looking at Bill Colemans work. he has some amazing stuff but there is more to that story than what we are led to believe in my opinion.Getting the intimate shots he got and none are posed makes me a little suspect, but they are awesome nonetheless. great shots by you

  2. Thank you for the information about the Amish sect that has the yellow top buggies. I never knew that … just thought all Amish were alike. We have a group near us in Shipshewana, Indiana, and it’s fun to go visit their shops and flea market. Great shots!

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