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Fuji X-T1, 56/1.2

Fuji X-T1, 56/1.2


It’s time to put the phone back in my pocket and relegate it to communication duty. While I love what Mobile Photography offers in terms of very little gear required to get the job done, the ability to capture, process, and post and image while sitting in a waiting room, and sharing images with a thriving online community … while I love all of that, I absolutely hate taking pictures with a phone. Having cut my photographic teeth on medium and large format film cameras, I’m drawn to the mechanical aspects of making pictures. I just love the feel of a camera in my hands and can only go so long without picking one up. Shooting with a phone just doesn’t cut it. Love the processing, love the expression, love the community …. but the capture leaves me wanting.

While some photographers may be able to do both Mobile and Traditional shooting at the same time I have trouble shifting gears that quickly. I tend to ‘see’ before I ‘click’ and experience Mobile and Traditional as different frames of mind and best suited for a long (or longish) term commitment, so for now it’s back to a camera that just feels good in my hands … at least until I see the work of a mobile artist out there that draws me back in.

Hope you enjoy!

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