2 thoughts on “ST_180225_041

  1. I give you a lot of credit Larry. I was out at dawn this morning in Lancaster city and began to question my whole photographic obsession. I mean, the great morning light lasts for only minutes before its too much. I’ll have to try a partly cloudy day or late afternoon.

    • Thanks, Mike. You do raise an interesting photographic dilemma that I’ve encountered shooting in the city. Out in the countryside I’ve always loved, as most photographers do, the hours right around dawn/dusk. When shooting around large buildings though, even on clear mornings, that beautiful, golden light that comes with the sun breaking the horizon never reaches most nooks and crannies of the city streets. About an hour after sunrise is when things come alive. So there’s this span of an hour or so when it’s too light to do night photography and when the sun is high enough for interesting shadows. Of course, you can make great photos under any conditions, but when I’m looking for dramatic lighting on city streets I don’t usually find it around dawn (Operative word: usually).

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