A New Year … A New Project

When I retired from commercial photography a little over four years ago I quickly became aware of a need for structure, not just for my work, but with life in general. Without clients to provide direction I quickly turned to projects, first shooting only with my iPhone for a year and more recently exploring street and urban photography. In addition to projects, I’ve come to value the practice of Miksang to distill how I see the world.

So, a new year … a new project involving two avenues of photography that are dear to my heart. One pure … simply about ‘seeing’ and the other creative and much more about feeling. The first, Miksang, focuses on a world stripped of labels and seeing only shapes, color, texture, and light. It’s a very disciplined practice, one which I find full of discovery when exploring the most common of subjects. But it is purely about seeing and I still feel the need to create, so for that I draw from my year of shooting with the phone where images evolved through a good deal of manipulation, texturing, and compositing. I have to say though, that while I welcomed the opportunity for self-expression I didn’t care for shooting with the phone so this time around source images for this segment will come from both phone and conventional cameras.

In 2019 I intend to alternate sharing between the two genres, one day focused on how I see and the following on how I feel. One purely what’s in front of the camera. The other more from the heart. I hope you enjoy both.

A Happy and Safe New Year to All!



One thought on “A New Year … A New Project

  1. Larry – Happy new year, and thanks for the beautiful and inspiring photos you send out. I applaud both you and your camera work.


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