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For those who might be interested in the tech side of photography here’s a quick look at my digital camera journey. Around 2002, Canon introduced the 1Ds which was suitable for commercial work so I made the change from film to digital. I loved their lenses and customer service so stayed with them until Nikon brought out the D800. With its Sony sensor, the image quality was far superior to Canon so I switched. In 2017 I was retired and wanted a smaller outfit, so changed to Fuji. Fuji cameras are so much fun to use and their lenses are great, but after a few years, I realized how much I missed the image quality provided by Sony sensors and made the change to Sony full-frame cameras. Pictured above is the setup I use for light-painting, Speedlight or Flashlight. The geared tripod head allows for quick, precise framing and the small device attached to the head is a wifi transmitter allowing for complete control of the camera from a phone or tablet.

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