3 thoughts on “MS_170518_090

    • Hey Mike … from what I understand the A6000 is a great camera. Actually considered one before I decided to stay with Fuji. My Nikon D800 (which now spends most of the time on the shelf) has a Sony sensor and I love their dynamic range. In the end I found the Fuji cameras much more of a pleasure to use and the image quality is more than adequate. My only advice, as it would be with any new piece of equipment, would be to spend hours and hours practicing at home. Get completely comfortable and familiar with it before actually going out to make pictures.

      Good luck and thanks for visiting!

  1. Thanks, the advantage to sticking with Sony is the menu and settings are almost the same. A 35mm prime is a thought but I did have good luck so far with the kit lens (bridge photo on my blog at f/16 and 6 seconds). My question was about holding it steady looking through the viewfinder. I did order a wrist strap and I guess it will just take practice.

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