2 thoughts on “IP_181223_001

  1. I thought you hated using your phone? I don’t have a smart phone but I’ve seen some amazing shots with them, especially street photography. There’s a book called Shooting From The Hip by Scott Strazzante you might find interesting. Unfortunately its not at the library.

    • I do hate shooting with the phone but did enjoy the editing apps and the processing side … and it’s handy and convenient. There were also some fairly strict guidelines to mobile photography, that images be shot and processed on mobile devices, I suppose to preserve the integrity of the convention, that I found limiting. I understand the intent, but it’s not for me at this point. So, as I mentioned, this time I’ll explore the more stylized side of photography with both phone and traditional camera, and processing on mobile device and computer. I’ll look for Scott’s book … thanks for the heads up.

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